[lazarus] Compiling Lazarus

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Sun Apr 30 08:49:42 EDT 2000

At 10:51 29-04-2000 +0200, you wrote:
>I have not yet managed to compile Lazarus. I downloaded the Visual Compiler
>at http://www.codepunk.com/files/lazbuild.zip. I got quite far, but I got an
>error "identifier CF_TEXT not found". After performing a search, the text
>CF_TEXT appears in the mw_edit units, but I don't know if it is declared

Where (and when) did you get the Lazarus sources from ?
The CF_xxx constants are defined in the lcllinux unit. These constants 
where moved to that unit a week ago, so on older sources you might get this 

>What should I do next?  I have downloaded all the packages at
>www.freepascal.org and the Lazarus source. I don't have CVS. Do I need it?

If you use the source zips build from cvs you don't neet cvs yet. If you 
want to join us in development or if you want to reduce bandwidth you might 
want to use cvs

>If so, where can I get the Win32 version (I did look at their website, but I
>could only find Linux and Mac versions).




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