AW: [lazarus] Setting a value using RTTI

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at
Sat Dec 2 06:11:12 EST 2000

>Cool.  Thanks.  I got it to work with the visible
>property and the NAME property but doing the CAPTION
>causes it to crash.  Trying to do the TOP parameter
>does nothing along with HINT and a few others.
>Not sure why.

There is a bug in the TypInfo.pp for setting shortstrings (two simple typos).
I have already committed the bug.
Because the most are using the stable version of fpc, we can fix it using a
simple workaround til a fixed version is available.
Just copying the four procedures SetIndexValues, SetSStrProp, SetAStrProp and
SetStrProp and replacing in the SetSStrProp the GetProc with the SetProc
should do the trick.
I will test it.


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