[lazarus] how to compile with native win 32 compos

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Dec 6 09:50:13 EST 2000

The WIN32 isn't near as far as GTK is.  

What we used to do is change a DEFINE in interfaces.pp but I see theres an Interfaces.pp in each directory (lazarus/lcl/interfaces/gtk win32 and qt).  I assume all you need to do is take the GTK directory out of your path and add the win32 one.  I changed the DEFINE in the win32/interfaces.pp file so do a CVS UPDATE and remove the QT and GTK from your path.


>>> mapopa at netsoft.ro 12/06/00 08:17AM >>>
i know there are 2 kind  interfaces GTK,and win 32
how do i use the win32 components
and then do a make to lazarus
have the defalut version with gtk
but is eating memory
and is flickering a lot maybe is to much paint messages ...
i dont know (the processor is 100%)
still looking in source .....learning

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