[lazarus] Developer News

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Dec 21 10:32:42 EST 2000

Ronan van Riet wrote:
> I think it would be valuable to add the "update date" for Developer
> News, like we are seeing under Screenshots.

Good suggestion. It has been added.

> Is actually anyone working on FCL Active Component Task List, LCL
> Active Component Task List and/or Lazarus Available Component Task
> List ?

Not really. I have set up a database with the information and it just
needs to be updated. I had hoped that people would notify me when they
started working on various components but it doesn't seem to happen so
the information isn't getting updated.

I would appreciate if someone could go through the code and give me a
list of all components that are being worked on. Are they started,
partially complete, or complete. If you know the person working on it
that would also be nice but not as important as a list of what has been

I also hope to spend some time this holiday season updating the
component documentation. I will also be preparing an RPM and Win32
Install of a binary release of Lazarus so that people can at least see
what it is doing without the requirement of installing FPC and checking
things out of CVS.

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