[lazarus] Questions on compiling

Horacio Jamilis hjamilis at pymesoft.com
Sat Dec 23 18:38:20 EST 2000

In the last 2 weeks I was trying to compile fpc and 
lazarus in windows 98...
I installed fpc and then lazarus on a pc... then i 
copied everything to this new one and deleted the old one (that's why I  
can't check to old one).
Now I can't compile anything. The ppc386.exe works 
(i was able to compile it once in this last weeks).
What I don't know are wich environmental variables 
should I set to make it work???
I already put the c:\fpc\bin\win32 directory in the 
what else should I do?
I want to help in the lazarus development... may be 
in the win32 interface or something else in my free times (I don't have much of 
that but I could try).
Horacio Jamilis
hjamilis at pymesoft.com

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