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Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sat Dec 30 23:29:28 EST 2000

Shane Miller wrote:
> How often is that going to be updated?

I'm going to setup a script and cron job so that it does a checkout and
then builds the docs everynight. I'll start that sometime this week.
> Are the comments supposed to go just previous to the property/method
> or after?

It is the comment line just before the property/method

Here is the explanation from the Pasdoc site.


  { maximum number of integers in an array of type @link(TIntArray) }
  MAX_INTS = 1024;

  { an array of integer value, size determined by @link(MAX_INTS) }
  TIntArray = Array[0..MAX_INTS-1] of Integer;

{ Initializes all values in a @link(TIntArray) variable to zero. }
procedure ClearIntArray(var A: TIntArray);

You get the idea... Any @link tag will become a hyperlink in HTML


You would use the link in your documentation if you wanted to point the
users attention to something related to the procedure. In the above
example the ClearIntArray is passed a variable of type TIntArray. If you
want to make it easier for the user reading the document to find the
reference to TIntArray you place the phrase @link(TIntArray) and it will
place the word TIntArray in the documentation with a hyperlink to the
actual html content for that item.

The comment doesn't have to be on one line as shown above. It can be on
several lines.

{ something something something
  more more more
  last last last }

One more thing to try and fix. If you see an email address someplace in
a comment such as

{This thingamabob was producted by Michael A. Hess <mhess at miraclec.com>}

make the @ sign a double @@


This acts as an escape and it doesn't try to treat it as a @link
indicated above. The last time I talked to Marco he said that this still
wasn't working but I haven't tested it.

Marco are you still on the list? Can you comment on this?

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