[lazarus] GetWindowLong

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Fri Jan 7 17:48:51 EST 2000

Yes, I see there are only 6 more and I began adding them like you
I'm not sure what you mean about messing up the LCL with these though....

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From: "Marc Weustink" <weus at quicknet.nl>
To: <lazarus at miraclec.com>
Sent: Friday, January 07, 2000 3:28 PM
Subject: Re: [lazarus] GetWindowLong

> At 14:05 07-01-2000 -0600, Shane wrote:
> >Second, just setting those specific items as data won't work
> >because there are more than just those.  I just gave those as
> >an example.  there are a few more I would use so I was thinking
> >of storing the class which would encompass everything.
> Hmm... if I look at the winhelp there are only 6 more :-)
> But some of them you can't put them in the class.
>     can
>     this one is incompatible with the windowproc we use
>     (that's an object instance pointer this is a pointer)
>     depends on application and doesn't have to be stored
>     in the class
>     obvious
>   GWL_ID
>     ?? the gtkwidget as ID ??
>      this is userdata and I think you want to store this
>      in the class
>     ??
> seen this I think it makes not a big difference of storing them all, you
> have to store some of them anyhow. Besides that GetWindowLong is an API
> function and I think that it is not a good thing to mess up the LCL with
> these.
> Marc
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