[lazarus] rpm packages

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Jul 6 16:33:36 EDT 2000

At 20:07 6-7-00, you wrote:
>can someone send me rpm packages of lazarus? i tried to compile lazarus but
>i couldn't manage. then i compiled and installed freepascal. i got rid of
>some (ppc386 command not found) error messages. but i still can not compile
>lazarus. i am using linux mandrake 7.1 (2 cd version).
>i program in windows for about 9 years with delphi and c. if you can help i
>want to begin programming in linux. i can use c++ but lazarus seems to offer
>better IDE....
New rpm packages of the compiler version needed to compile lazarus will be 
available this weekend with the 1.0 release we've planned.


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