FCL problem ??? Re: [lazarus] how to...

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Jul 6 19:05:33 EDT 2000

At 19:07 06-07-2000 +0200, Pavlovic Ivan wrote:
>Here's the output... I missed the "-" sign :(((
>This time I even saw the splash screen for about half a second :)

I got it reproduced, and lazarus crashes when creating the mainmenu object 
(LCL, not the GTK object). Somehow when calling is inherited 
TComponent.Create it dumps in TComponent.Setreference.

While debugging, it seems that SetReference calls TObject.FieldAddres(Name) 
where name = ''.
FieldAddress in its turn finds a FieldInfo^.Name which is also '' and 
returns the reference. I think this is strange. I'm not into the internals 
but I didn't expect an empty fieldInfo^.name.

Can anyone confirm my expectation ?


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