[lazarus] BorCon Update

Jeff Wormsley daworm at cdc.net
Wed Jul 12 11:01:37 EDT 2000

On 07/12/2000 at 3:34 PM Marc Weustink wrote:

>I already was afraid of that.
>The "eu" sound is difficult to translate to english but it sounds like the u
>in pleasure but 2-3 times longer. The rest is the same (I think): weu-stink

Why not capture it to a wav or au file and post it on the website.  Like Linus did for his name (which even having heard, I still can't pronounce, so I don't think I'd have a chance with yours!)  

But then, people can't pronounce my name either (actually, they can, they just refuse to say WORM as WORM, afraid it might offend me, so the say WARM or WIRM).


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