[lazarus] Listserver filters (was Re: Get Paid Now)

Robert Scott Horning roberth at ise-tlx.com
Tue Jun 6 08:55:47 EDT 2000

Eric Lai wrote:

> You may have heard about All Advantage paying people to surf the web...

(The rest mercilessly snipped)

Other than the clueless forwarding clearly off topic items, what kind of filters
are in place with the listserver for e-mail accounts that aren't signed up for
this mailing list?  I know different servers have different settings and
policies, I was just wondering for the server we are using for Lazarus?

I will say that I have nostalgia for the days when you couldn't sell commercial
products over the internet.  Life was much simpler in those days.....  Of course
getting knocked off of NSFNet was much easier then as well. (and almost
impossible to get a connection from home, but oh well....)

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