[lazarus] CVS Changes

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon Jun 12 16:15:30 EDT 2000

I added the following:

Click on a VCL speedbutton on the first tnotebook age and it stays selected.  
Mouse pointer speedbutton on first tnotebook page.

File - NEW FORM now creates a new form with the grid drawn on it.
Ability to drop the following components on a form :  TButton, TEdit, TRadiobutton, TCheckbox, 
       TListbox, TMemo.  TLabel doesn't seem to work yet.

Needs to be done:

I need a method that I can call to tell the form I added a control 
and it should return a name (edit1) and place the code in the correct 
spot in the source.

I need a method that I can DELETE a component by name and the 
source will be modified.

I need a method I can call when a function get's focus (clicked on) 
and it draws the sizing "grab blocks" around it.

I need a method I can call passing it a procedure and parameter list (Proceudre FormClick(sender: TObject) and it'll place it in the appropriate spot in the source.

Same thing for deleting the function/method.

Any takers?  Otherwise I will have to do them myself.....


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