[lazarus] CVS Changes

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Wed Jun 14 14:29:30 EDT 2000

OK, I have implemented an early version of dragging controls.  Here's a
problem though.  I also found this problem when I try to align the controls
to the grid.  The form's Left and Top are not being reported correctly some

Press the NEW FORM button.
Select the Button component and drop it onto the form.
Drag the button 2 pixels up.  It probably moved a little.  Now do it again.
It doesn't work.
If you look at the output (look at designerform.pp in mousedown and mouseup
to see what SHOULD be displayed)  you'll see that the TOP and LEFT seem to
be reported incorrectly.
If you MOVE the form then try it again it's reported correctly.
This also occurs when trying to place controls onto the form.  Sometimes
they appear correctly, sometimes not.
When they dont you can move the form and thn the  next one appears

Any ideas?


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