[lazarus] CVS Changes

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Jun 14 16:32:04 EDT 2000

Lazarus nneds:

In the environment options dialog (which doesn't exist yet) I need someone to add a selection on whether or not the grid should be drawn.  Also the x and y spacing on it.

The variable gridpoints is a tpoint and can be found (at this point) in the designerform unit.

Who is going to do it?  It's a good chance for a lurker to get involved......

>>> weus at quicknet.nl 06/12/00 05:36PM >>>
At 14:32 12-06-2000 -0500, Shane Miller wrote:
>I added the following:
>File - NEW FORM now creates a new form with the grid drawn on it.
>Ability to drop the following components on a form :  TButton, TEdit, 
>TRadiobutton, TCheckbox,
>        TListbox, TMemo.  TLabel doesn't seem to work yet.

the file ./images/mouse.xpm is missing so lazarus crashes


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