[lazarus] New to Lazarus...

Chespi enterprise_e at email.com
Sun Jun 18 13:39:33 EDT 2000

Hi again!

Vincent Snijders wrote:
>It is not necessary aymore to use a bat file to compile lazarus. Instead of
>the line above, just type make in the lazarus directory (after having
>compiled the rtl and the gtk package).

I took away the "-n >junk.bat" and make alone compiled ok! As a result I
got a Lazarus.exe file, but when I executed it to see what it was, I got
the same dialog box again:

>    Error starting program
>         The file LAZARUS.EXE is linked to an export
>     !   GTK-1.3.DLL:gtk_paned_set_gutter_size that
>         doesn't exist.

Marc Weustink wrote:
> This function isn't used in the examples. I think Chespi has an old
> of ./packages/gtk

Perhaps! All I know so far is that the "offender" (the file that declares
gtk_paned_set_gutter_size) is C:\pp\source\packages\gtk\gtk\gtkpaned.pp

> Chespi, did you get the latest sources ??

I thought so, but now... I don't know! I downloaded lazarus.zip a couple
of weeks ago and yesterday I did everything as the win-howto said,

  c:\pp\source>cvs login

  c:\pp\source>cvs -z3 checkout base rtl docs compiler fcl lazarus packages

  c:\pp\source>cvs -z3 update base rtl docs compiler fcl lazarus packages

And then I recompiled the compiler (BTW, it's too big now!) and then:

  c:\pp\source\rtl>make clean
  c:\pp\source\fcl\win32>make clean
  c:\pp\source\packages\gtk>make clean
  c:\pp\source\lazarus>make clean

Do I have to do anything else?


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