[lazarus] TPanel queries (TFont.Name)

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon Jun 19 10:15:14 EDT 2000

First, you need to remove your REPLY-TO email address.  Otherwise everyone that replies to your email will reply directly to you instead of the list.  :-)

In answer to your PANEL question I was thinking the TPANEL would be a gtkframe.  I don't know a ton about GTKFrame so I could be wrong...


>>> Andrew Bednarz <bed42 at primus.com.au> 06/19/00 08:51AM >>>

Well I'm finding some time to delve back into the lcl and I've got some queries
(bare with me; some possibly stupid questions here)

First is a simple query on the TFont implementation and the default font.
Shouldn't a default font name be assigned? With gtk at least, canvas.TextHeight
and TextWidth (for example) can not execute... When a control is created, the
font should be assigned to the same as its owner's font by default? Now in the
VCL a FontResourceManager is used - we're obviously not using something similar?

To the TPanel itself - as it is not a widget in itself, mearly a container - I
am current in the frame of mind that I do not require to hook it specifically
into any widget set, TCustomControl should take care of everything in itself

To the drawing of the panel, to be delphi compatible it should draw borders etc
itself - or I could just whack a TFrame inside it.

Comments, suggestions, slaps over the head?

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