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Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Tue Jun 20 10:01:28 EDT 2000

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+ Shane Miller wrote:
+ >
+ > Could someone explain to me how it works please.
+ Reading DFM files simply doesn't work yet. (that writing
+ should work is new for me...)
+ And adding reading support is not a matter of a few hours of
+ work, this is a really heavy task if it should be implemented
+ properly. I already had a look on this over 8 months ago, and it
+ will still need a few weeks until I can try to add full
+ serialisation support to FCL.
+ BTW, don't underestimate the work you will have to make LCL
+ streaming-aware ;)

Thats another point.
The main idea behind my question is/was that a major part of creating a LFM
consists of the streaming of Components.
If we can stream components we have a core LFM.
I'm aware of the fact that all LCL controls have to stream their own data,
but this is "simply" implementing some overridden baseclass methods.
I'm also aware that implementing streaming in TCOmponent isn't easy. If I
look at Borlands implementation, it also is a part of the compiler.


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