[lazarus] Gtk-CRITICAL

christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com
Wed Jun 21 23:48:32 EDT 2000

I used the process.pp from CVS 0.99.15 and it compiled, assembled and
linked with some hints and so on...
After that I try to run Lazarus but I could only se the splash pinguin in
0.32 seconds
and nothing more ??
Then I try to run it from terminal and this comes up:

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkobject.c: line 1033 (gtk_object_set_data):
assertion 'object != NULL' failed.
ERROR: [TgtkObject.CreateFontIndirect] Nofontname
Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkwidget.c: line 3313 (gtk_widget_set_sensitive):
assertion 'widget != NULL' failed.
Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkfixed.c: line 175 (gtk_fixed_move): assertion
'GTK_IS_FIXED (fixed)' failed.
ERROR: [TgtkObject.CreateFontIndirect] No fontnameAt end of
Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkpixmap.c: line 820 (gdk_pixmap_unref): assertion
'pixmap != NULL' failed.
[TgtkObject.Destroy] WARNING: There are 10 unreleased DCs and 58 unreleased
[TgtkObject.Destroy] WARNING: There are 16 messages left in the queue! I'll
free them

Where should I start... :(


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