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christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com
Wed Jun 28 09:14:19 EDT 2000


Actually, last night I did some study of the "button.pp" and
thinking of starting with just that.
I am runnig Lazarus at Linux at the moment but
I want to set it up on Win98 too so I can verify on both.
(Downloading the latest snapp of FPC)
Then I will do a simple example of TBitBtn... OK!

By the way, I tried the TInifile and fond some strange behavior.
I put a WriteString into a "inifile" but in the file out, in the value
string, the last letter was missing !?
I didn't have time to se why..
Anyone ??


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On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 02:44:04PM +0200, christer.t.johansson at se.abb.com
> #You can look at the component pages to see what needs to be done.
> I will take a look. Is the list updated ? Bitbtn is in Lazarus but
> found in the list of nothing done ?

The list is not really up to date. Michael needs more input about the state
of components. Thus I'd recommend two things:

 a) Chris, could you start by creating an example for TBitBtn? This should
    be an easy task as long (as you will not run into holes in the
    implementation of TBitBtn) and can help you to get used to the project.

 b) Michael, could you enhance the component-table with the date at which
    the status of each component was last reported?

> Is there any action at the component part anyway ?

Not sure about that. I'm currently working a little bit on Checkboxes. What
really needs work are all those TDbXXXX components but this is quite a hard


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