[lazarus] mwEdit suite version.92a

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Mar 1 14:44:39 EST 2000

I am very close to getting the PROJECT OPEN and PROJECT SAVE features done.  Once this is completed I could see us bringing in some new code base.  However, I don't want to get rid of what we have.  Either we need to call it TmwCustomEdit2 or place it into a different directory or something.  I would really like this thing working so that we could use it to edit the code.
In a few days I think I can have it working to a point that we could edit with it.  However if we change editors then that would change everything.

Can we add the code seperatly for now and work on it?

>>> peter at skel.demon.co.uk 03/01/00 01:34PM >>>
Ok I can report a small amount of success in getting this
version working. The load time for the source file is a 
fraction of a second :),  as it now only draws what it 
needs to display.

My question is at what stage would you all accept a 
new code base for the editor. The code works quite
differently from the version in CVS at the moment and 
there is a whole raft of new APIs to get working to get 
this working correctly. Mainly stuff to do with InvalidateRect
and getting the invalid region to paint from the window 
manager. gtk seems to have the mechanisms there to be
able to get this functionallity, I am assuming that
gtk_widget_queue_draw_area does something along 
these lines but have not looked at gtk too deeply yet.

The major problem I have is a segfault in the hightlighter 
code where the highlighter uses a jumptable to its own 
methods, this seems to work fine in the current code base
but I can't work out why the dammed thing apparently loses
it reference to itself and ends up with a null pointer to its
own instance.

Anyway the features of this are quite good, cached resources
fonts, bitmaps etc and lots of pluggable highlighters, working 
down the list in no specific order,
HP48 assembler 
68HC11 assembler 
C++ syntax 
Java syntax 
Perl syntax 
DOS batch 
DFM syntax 
Standard ML syntax 
AWK highlighter 
HTML highlighter 
INI files 
Kix script files
VBScript highlighter 
Galaxy PBEM 
Baan 4GL 
Cascading stylesheets 
GEMBASE highlighter 
HTML exporter 
x86 assembly syntax 
Visual Basic 
TCL/TK syntax
ADSP21xx assembler 
PHP highlighter 
SQL highlighter 
Sybase SQL 

+ code completion drop down component and helper
+export to rtf and HTML


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