[lazarus] mwEdit suite version.92a

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Wed Mar 1 17:16:31 EST 2000

At 19:48 01-03-2000 +0000, Peter Dyson wrote:
>there is a whole raft of new APIs to get working to get
>this working correctly. Mainly stuff to do with InvalidateRect
>and getting the invalid region to paint from the window
>manager. gtk seems to have the mechanisms there to be
>able to get this functionallity, I am assuming that
>gtk_widget_queue_draw_area does something along
>these lines but have not looked at gtk too deeply yet.

Just name the API's needed. As far as I have seen, GTK/GDK can do region 
stuf, so that shouldn't be a problem.

>Anyway the features of this are quite good, cached resources
>fonts, bitmaps etc and lots of pluggable highlighters, working
>down the list in no specific order,

Ok, that means that if all gets working, the font cache get's a lower 
priority to me.


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