Linux Clipboard

Hongli Lai hongli at
Wed Mar 1 18:00:10 EST 2000

> On second thoughts, if you want to do something with the clipboard in
> WINAPI, you need to open the clipboard first. OpenClipboard needs a window.
> There you have a GTKwindow you can work with for the other functions. And
> only one window can open the clipboard.
> If you implement the API functs:
>   OpenClipboard
>   CloseClipboard
>   EmptyClipboard
>   GetClipboardData
>   SetClipboardData
>   EnumClipboardFormats
> you then are on the way to implement TClipboard.
> Marc

I don't understand this. According to the Win32 API docs, the first parameter
of OpenClipboard must be a HWND.
What did you mean "OpenClipboard needs a window"?

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