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Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Wed Mar 1 23:14:01 EST 2000

I have commited a few changes today.
SAVE PROJECT will work now.   It's about 80% complete.  It will work best
when you create a new project via PROJECT - NEW PROJECT menu.

New Project will work.  It creates a Project1.fpr and Unit1.pp file.  It
opens up ideeditor and adds a page for the Unit1.pp file.  It extract info
out of these files and adds them to a structure (defined in global.pp)
called UnitList.
Unitlist contains the NAME, SOURCE, FILENAME, PAGE, and file type of each

I am using the Project.pp file now in Main.pp.   I use it to record a number
of things in the .dsk file that's created when you do a SAVE PROJECT.  I
will create an example and commit it tomorrow.  It works similiar to saving
your desktop settings works in Delphi.  It records which unit is being
displayed, the location of the editor window, the location of the cursor in
each visible source file, the location of the main window, etc.  Works real
well actually.

To test these features, run Lazarus and select Project NEW.   then move the
editor around somewhere and then select SAVE PROJECT.  Pick a location.
Don't save this into the LAzarus source directory!!!  Close Lazarus.
Run Lazarus again and select PROJECT - OPEN PROJECT.  Select the .fpr file
and it should (should!) load the unit and display it exactly where the
editor was when you saved.  If not, no big deal, I will be working out the
bugs tomorrow.

Shane Miller
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> > I don't understand this. According to the Win32 API docs, the first
> parameter
> > of OpenClipboard must be a HWND.
> > What did you mean "OpenClipboard needs a window"?
> >
> I usually use the forms hWnd when using the API clipboard.
> You could try adding a parent property to the class which is
> a  TWinControl, the lowest level object in the VCL with a
> hWnd
> Peter
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