[lazarus] Holy Grail

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Fri Mar 3 09:17:08 EST 2000

Hongli Lai wrote:
> Yes, what you read is correct. Martin called mwEdit a "large and
> unmaintainable monster" or something.
> But I don't think mwEdit will really disappear.
> It's still an open project, right?

I don't know for sure. It was suggested that Martin might pull any code
he has written. That would leave a very big gap in the mwEdit code. He
also said something about it not being morally correct to use his code.
I really don't understand where he is coming from. It also appears that
the new version of mwEdit will NOT be open source and he will control
the whole thing.

Can someone who is on the list ask the question point blank? Ask what is
the issue with Lazarus using mwEdit. Can we continue to use it?

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