[lazarus] IDE Coding

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Fri Mar 3 16:29:53 EST 2000

Currently here are the things you can do in the IDE.

Select Project New and it'll create a base project for you.
Save it via Save Project.

You can add units to the project by selecting File Open and opening other .pp files.  
You can view the units in the project via the View - Units or View Forms dialog.  I you want to create a NEW unit or form, select that under the FILE menu.  It's create a unique UNIT name and FORM name based on what units are already in the project.

I have run into problems loading PROJECTS with many or large units.  I will look into that but I think it's related to how long it takes to load the unit.

When you load a project, be patient.  Drawing the mwEDIT component with the new text in it takes a bit of time right now.

When you select FILE SAVE it wil save the currently active unit in the notebook.
There are a few bugs yet and I will fix them soon.  At this point all I need is the compiler interfaced into lazarus via a Project build menu item and we could use it.

One bug I have found is that it doesn't highlight my code.  Not sure why yet.


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