[lazarus] Object Inspector

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Tue Mar 7 04:14:56 EST 2000

+ From: Michael A. Hess [mailto:mhess at miraclec.com]
+ Marc Weustink wrote:

[snip fedit3]

+ > I just looked at it to see if it is portable and found that
+ > this zip is containing Borland Copyrighted source files
+ > (dsgnintf.pas and DBReg.pas) AFAIK is it not allowed to
+ > distribute these files so you might want to remove them.
+ This zip file was put together by Samuel Liddicott. He is the
+ author of the product.
+ Hey Sam are these files exact duplicates of the Delphi
+ versions or have you modified them and that is why you
+ included them in the package?

The Borland copyricht statement is still op top of it. And again AFAIK you
are not allowed to modify and distribute these.

I'll look in what exactly is needed, so far I saw TFormDesigner (which is in
D4 IFormDesigner, couldn't find TFormDesigner)
Maybe we kan put together our own designer.

Another thing, fedit3 has also a toolbar which we have already. I think we
might use some parts of it (the designer/object inspector)


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