[lazarus] PASDOC

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Tue Mar 7 06:48:18 EST 2000

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, Martin Waldenburg wrote:

> Hi!
> Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> > I know it, but does it compile with Free Pascal ?
> > Pasdoc does, since it was (at least partially) developed using Free Pascal.
> The Pascal HighLighter of mwEdit is stripped from the lexer
> at DECAM.
> If the Pascal HighLighter compiles, the lexer should do it too.

I had a look at the code.

Have a look at the 'uses' clause:

 SysUtils, Windows, Messages, Classes, Controls, mwPasLexTypes, mwPasLex,
  mwSimplePasParTypes, Dialogs;

To be usable by Free Pascal, this should be reduced to

  SysUtils,Classes,  mwPasLexTypes, mwPasLex, mwSimplePasParTypes,

Windows, messages, controls and dialogs have no place in a parser.
The same is true for the mwpaslex unit. But I assume you don't need them,
that they are inserted by Delphi by default.

Then, Free Pascal gets stuck on mwpaslextypes :

function ptTokenName(Value: TptTokenKind): string;
  result := GetEnumName(TypeInfo(TptTokenKind), Integer(Value));

I assume the typinfo call is something of Delphi 5 ? the call doesn't
exist in Free Pascal.

(Florian: Apparently this should become an internal function of
Free Pascal, since I see no other way of doing this)

There are some more errors; the

construct is not provided. In Free pascal you must write the call again
explicitly, with it's arguments.

(Florian, I don't remember what the problem was with implementing this ? )

So for the moment, using this unit is not possible, but if you are willing
to make some slight changes to accomodate Free Pascal, it should be possible.


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