[lazarus] We need development in...

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Mar 7 13:21:20 EST 2000

You are visible.  Please repost your problem.

>>> aaa at inreco.vtsnet.ru 03/07/00 11:55AM >>>

Monday, March 06, 2000, 6:22:17 PM, You wrote:

SM> TBitBtn
SM> TSpeedButton
SM> TStringGrid

SM> Please let the list know if you are/can work on one of these.

  I  am  eager  to participate in development, but I can't get lazarus
compiled... I posted my question to the list - but i've never seen any
answer. Am i visible???

Regards, Alexandr A. Alexandrov (mailto:aaa at inreco.vtsnet.ru)

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