[lazarus] Compilation problems

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Mar 8 10:22:17 EST 2000

You'll probably have to be more specific on what lines the compiler said were a problem.
Did you do a new CVS update on your fpc directory?  Strings.pp is part of FPC not Lazarus and therefore a new cvs update should bring you the latest good versions of that software.  Once that's complete, do a 
make clean
then I go into the compiler directory and do a 
make cycle

Send more specific info on the errors please.

>>> aaa at inreco.vtsnet.ru 03/08/00 08:46AM >>>

  I get 4 errors compiling unit Strings.pp - all of them say something
like  'Got  <unknown  type>,  expected  VOID POINTER'. I also had some
probles  trying  to  cvs-checkout mwEdit stuff - it says 'can`t create
lock  file in directory .../mwedit92' (not sure if i remember the directory
name right).

Regards, Alexandr A. Alexandrov (mailto:aaa at inreco.vtsnet.ru)

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