[lazarus] CVS changes

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Wed Mar 8 19:55:15 EST 2000

some changes:

Added SetSysColors
   Since we now have GetSysColor, you must be able to set them

Fixed TEdit text bug (thanks to hans-joachim ott <hjott at compuserve.com>)
   On creation the wrong caption was read

Finished GetKeyState
   Added support for extended and toggle keys
   Made a differens between left and right shift/control/alt

   BTW does anyone know the GDK values for the windows keys ??

Added changes from Peter Dyson <peter at skel.demon.co.uk>
- a new GetSysColor
- some improvements on ExTextOut

Known problems:
   On the new editor the backcolor turnst into black. For some reason
   the clWindow color isn't read.


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