[lazarus] Device Contexts

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Mar 9 13:47:12 EST 2000

At 17:17 09-03-2000 +0000, you wrote:
>I just noticed what could be a problem with the
>current device context implementation.
>As I see it when a TWinControl or descendent
>is created a TDeviceContext is added to the
>DeviceContexts list.

No, a devicecontext is added the moment you ask for it (GetDC)

>This is the windows equivalent
>of a private DC defined in the window flags, the DC
>value allocated is just index in this list.

This list is only a way to keep track of devicecontext's, a DC is only a 
pointer to the TDeviceContect.

>However in GetDC there is no checking of the window
>flags for private DC and it just creates a new DC with
>default values. I can't see this is a limitation of gtk as
>we are already are storing the pointers to the GC in the
>the TDeviceContext.

The moment the DeviceContext was implemented, there were no flags. Even now 
it is not fully implemented. So I created a DC for every call to GetDC.

>Ther are many times when you need to call GetDC
>just to get a mapping of the hWnd to the DC.

I looked at the Delphi/Windows implementation a bit, but every time you do 
a GetDC, you get a different DC (of the same window). I have to admit that 
I should have looked at the meaning of a privete DC

>Does GetDC need fixing? or am I missing something here.

For now... don't think so. There are more important things. (or have you 
found something not working because of this)


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