[lazarus] IDE responsibilities

Curtis White cwhite at aracnet.com
Thu Mar 9 15:22:07 EST 2000

I have already built a dialog for the compiler options in GTK before when I was creating that mini IDE. It
accounts for every compiler option available in FPC.  I need to remake it in a more Lazarus fashion, but I can
do that without much trouble now. I will work on that one and the IDE options.

Is anyone working on how to integrate in the FPC compiler into Lazarus?  The FPC guys sent me some pretty good
instructions a long time ago on how to actually include the compiler right into the code, as opposed to
shelling out and calling it.  I think we should do it that way, since the compiler is written in FPC itself.


Shane Miller wrote:

> I think we need to get some folks to take responsibility for parts of the IDE.
> At this point I see Marc working on the mwedit component as I work on the function of the IDE.
> We need others to create the varies forms and such that we need for the IDE, like the
> object inspector, the formdesigner, the project Manager, a dialog for cinfiguring the IDE and compiler, etc.
> Anyone have a start on any of these already?
> Shane
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