[lazarus] IDE responsibilities

Jeff Wormsley daworm at cdc.net
Thu Mar 9 15:32:56 EST 2000

On 03/09/2000 at 12:21 PM Curtis White wrote:

>Is anyone working on how to integrate in the FPC compiler into Lazarus?  The FPC guys sent me some pretty good
>instructions a long time ago on how to actually include the compiler right into the code, as opposed to
>shelling out and calling it.  I think we should do it that way, since the compiler is written in FPC itself.

Wouldn't shelling out to the compiler make it easier to integrate new compilers?  Would the average developer be willing to rebuild Lazarus in order to incorporate a bugfix for FPC?  Also, would it be easier or harder to do cross platform development with an integrated compiler? (I know, that is for later)


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