[lazarus] IDE responsibilities

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Fri Mar 10 10:04:01 EST 2000

for now, lets include the dialog.  If new compiler directives come out, we'll add them to the dialog.  After all, everyone will have the source so if they want to add something, they can!


>>> cwhite at aracnet.com 03/09/00 07:47PM >>>
Actually, it isn't built using Lazarus controls. It is built making straight calls to GTK. I built it a long time ago when we were going to
create a quick editor to use while we were building Lazarus. But we dropped the mini-IDE so I just let the code sit. So I need to actually
rebuild it using Lazarus controls.

But since it sounds like we are going to allow swappable compilers, this brings up the question of whether we even need this dialog box or
not. This dialog is very specific to FPC. Not all compilers have all the same switches as FPC. So if we stuck some other compiler in there
later, or allow the user to switch between compilers, the dialog would be useless for that. Maybe instead, we should just provide an edit
control and allow the user to just enter what compiler switches they want to use into it. What do you think?


Shane Miller wrote:

> If you already built the dialog, that's great!  Let us know when wee can incorporate it.
> I think it would be best to allow the user to select a compiler.  That way they could switch between 2 versions of FPC or something else.
> Shane
> >>> cwhite at aracnet.com 03/09/00 02:22PM >>>
> I have already built a dialog for the compiler options in GTK before when I was creating that mini IDE. It
> accounts for every compiler option available in FPC.  I need to remake it in a more Lazarus fashion, but I can
> do that without much trouble now. I will work on that one and the IDE options.
> Is anyone working on how to integrate in the FPC compiler into Lazarus?  The FPC guys sent me some pretty good
> instructions a long time ago on how to actually include the compiler right into the code, as opposed to
> shelling out and calling it.  I think we should do it that way, since the compiler is written in FPC itself.
> Curtis

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