[lazarus] Lazarus crash

Alexandr A. Alexandrov aaa at inreco.vtsnet.ru
Fri Mar 10 23:32:58 EST 2000


Friday, March 10, 2000, 12:41:24 PM, You wrote:

+ >> Gdk-WARNING **: gdk_font_load:
+ >> font name -*--normal-r-*-*-0-*-*-*-*-*-*-* illegal
+ >> TODO:[TWinControl.Focused]

MW> This is a known problem on win32 platforms. gdk crashes when loading an
MW> illegal font. (on Linux it is no problem). I thought I fixed this by not
MW> loading a font when no name was supplied.

MW> However you get a TODO:[TWinControl.Focused] line so the problem might be
MW> somewhere else.

  That is probably the case, because i changed CreateFontIndirect,

MW> do you get a
MW>   WARNING: [TgtkObject.CreateFontIndirect] No fontname

MW> if not then change the following:
MW>   TgtkObject.CreateFontIndirect:

MW>   if lfFaceName = '' --> if Lenght(lfFaceName) = 0

and get the same:

WARNING: [TgtkObject.CreateFontIndirect] No fontname
An unhandled exception occurred at 0x004196C4 :
Access violation

how should i debig this?

Regards, Alexandr A. Alexandrov (mailto:aaa at inreco.vtsnet.ru)

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