[lazarus] Lazarus crash

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Mar 13 14:04:59 EST 2000

At 13:59 13-3-2000 , you wrote:
>+ From: Alexandr A. Alexandrov [mailto:aaa at inreco.vtsnet.ru]
>+ WARNING: [TgtkObject.CreateFontIndirect] No fontname
>+ TODO:[TWinControl.Focused]
>+ An unhandled exception occurred at 0x004196C4 :
>+ Access violation
>+ how should i debig this?
>Pfff.. normally I would say use DDD, however on a win32 platform I don't
>know. Heyt Vincent, how are you debugging things ?
insight from cygnus works good. Also gdb 4.18 seems rather stable. gdb 4.18 
with pascal additions is delivered with 0.99.14 & 0.99.14a

And for backtraces there is since 0.99.14a a new option in the compiler to 
show the lines: compile with -gl. Using the makefiles it will be 'make OPT=-gl'


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