[lazarus] Speedbutton questions

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon Mar 13 16:40:11 EST 2000

I have figured out how the controls that don't have an associated window get their paint messages.

Whewn a TWinControl gets a WM_PAINT it run's through it's FCOntrols list to determine certain things about those controls.  Then it calls the FControls.Perform(WM_PAINT) procedure. 
This will work in our case.  I have to add some code to handle this so I will hopefully finish it tomorrow or wednesday and commit it.  I currently Do get a TSpeedbutton to show up when I set visible to TRUE.  Once the form re-draws itself though I lose it.

Here's a problem though.  When you create a TControlCanvas (which is what TGraphicsControls use) what you are doing is setting the Canvas.Handl;e to point to the parent's DC.  The problem with our implementation is that if I do that before the form is actually visible and tell it to display it'll crash.  It seems that the forms FIXED gtk wiget doesn't have a gdkWindow associated with it just yet.  That causes a bunch of asserts to fail and you get an access violation.  The asserts fail when doing the gdk_gc_new( ) and gdk_set_function in GetDC.

Someone should look into that.  I'll have example code once I get this TWincontrol drawing completed.


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