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Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Mar 16 02:44:45 EST 2000

Stefan Hille wrote:
> BTW: I hate to write documentation in the interface section since from
> my point of view it almost ever hides the information I'm looking for
> when searching through class declarations. Thus I'd prefer to have the
> docs in the implementation part but then it's difficult to
> document variables and properties. Anybody here who has a solution for
> this topic?

I agree with regards to how Pasdoc uses comments in the current design.
I takes whatever the comment was previous to the item and uses that as
the description. At present you can place comments on the same line
AFTER the item but Pasdoc uses it as the description for the following
item. Ex:

TSomething = class
    item1 : Boolean;   // A boolean flag
    item2 : Interger;  // A counter
    item3 : String;    // A file name

In this case Pasdoc assigns the descriptions as follows

item1 -
item2 - A counter
item3 - A file name

Maybe if we can get Marco to modify Pasdoc so that any comments on the
same line as the item being defined is used as the description for that
item. This would allow us to add useful comments to the code not only
for Pasdoc but for regular reading and it wouldn't clutter up trying to
read the code when programming.

Maybe we can get him to also use the comments before the procedures and
functions in the implementation section as well. This would allow detail
comments about the procedure to reside with the actual code and also not
clutter up the interface section.

Another problem that I see is that currently Pasdoc only puts in the
descriptions for "public" items within a class. I would like to see all
items in the documentation no matter what security level they are at.
Maybe this could be an option as to what level of field security is
shown in the documentation.

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