[lazarus] Speedbutton questions

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Thu Mar 16 10:10:40 EST 2000

That's the idea but the problem occurs here :
The speedbutton only get's messages while the mouse is within it's clientrect so once it leaves the rect I no longer send it messages.  Should I remember what control it's in and when that changes send a CM_MOUSELEAVE to the last control?  

Should I send that message when the mouse X = Left or X = Left+Width or Y = Top or Y = Top+Height so it occurs when the mouse gets to the control's edge?


>>> Alex.Mehlhorn at gtl.com 03/16/00 08:45AM >>>
>Anyone have an idea on how to fire the CM_MOUSELEAVE message?  If you hold
the mouse 
>button down and move the mouse away from the Speedbutton it stays down when
you exit 
>it's area because no CM_MOUSELEAVE fires.

It could be an idea to validate in the mousemove event and trigger the
mouseleave when it has left the clientarea.


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