[lazarus] TBitmap: Loading and drawing

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Mar 16 17:45:51 EST 2000

At 18:52 16-03-2000 +0000, Sebastian G|nther wrote:

>BTW, I hope you all know that X normally only supports bitmaps (=pixmaps
>with depth 2) and pixmaps with the same colour depth as the current
>screen uses. You can NOT create pixmaps with an arbitrary colour depth
>on X!

Yes, we (at least I) already found out as you might recall the problems a 
while ago in running Lazarus at other screendepths than 8 bpp ;-)

>(this is only supported by a few X servers and perhaps by XFree86
>4.0); let's see how you want to create a VCL compatible TBitmap class...

We'll see ;-)


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