[lazarus] New web site feature

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sat Mar 18 15:50:40 EST 2000


I have add a new feature to the web site. It is "Developer News". This
section allows registered developers to post notices and reports about
their activity and what is being done in Lazarus. Currently they do a
good job of this in the mailing list but that doesn't give a good record
of what is going on. This way they can post the same information to the
web site and you can read just that information without sorting through
all the mailing list archives.

Any developer who wants to post information in this database just drop
me an email. I'll provide you with your ID and a Password so that you
can update the database with your information.

This new section is on the menu and you can go to it but right now it
only has one posting. Mine about this very addition.

If you have a suggestion of a feature you would like to see on the web
site, send it to me. I want to make the site as useful and possible to
the rest of the busy beavers working on Lazarus.

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