[lazarus] Lazarus doesn't compile mwcustomedit.pas

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Sat Mar 18 22:21:22 EST 2000

The error 9999 is caused by the latest compiler.   If you go back to an
older version it works.  I tried to get past it with 3/17/2000 version of
the compiler but it crashed so I had to use an older ppc386.

I often get the 9999 error and either recompile again or I
"touch lcl/*.pp"
then recompile and it works.  Not with the latest version though.
Shane Miller
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Subject: [lazarus] Lazarus doesn't compile mwcustomedit.pas

> Greetings,
> First off are we suppose to be using mwedit or mwedit92?
> I just checked out and tried to rebuild Lazarus to get some screen shots
> and it blows up tring to compile mwcustomedit.pas.
> I get
> mwcustomedit.pas(2489,21) Fatal: Internal error 9999
> I have a feeling that this might be due to a compile change. Any ideas?
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