[lazarus] windows GTK dlls

Alan Ferguson aferg at home.com
Sun Mar 19 22:39:06 EST 2000


I have been lurking for a few weeks, and watching development progress.
I have also been trying to get my development environment set up.  As
is a lot for me to learn such as CVS and GDK, i have not wanted to
you with my questions, as answers to those questions can be found

I have managed to compile the compiler, and compile the example files,
rtl. but when i run lazarus\examples\hello.exe I get an error:

Linked to missing export GDK-1.3.DLL: gdk_cursor_unref.

The dll in question was downloaded from the Lazarus site.  Is this
caused because the package of  GDK dlls i downloaded  is now out of


Also should i be subscribed to other mailing lists besides this one
if i want to do any serious work?

-Alan Ferguson

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