[lazarus] Kylix article on slashdot

Thierry Coq thierry.coq at centraliens.net
Mon Mar 20 13:51:16 EST 2000


I'm mostly following your work, which I find quite impressive.

Inprise is, from what I have learned, is committed to providing kylix to
Linux developers. Inprise will provide betas quite soon, as they say to us,

Furthermore, Inprise has had a portable pascal compiler for quite some time
(I've heard about it two years ago, for the first time).

The main issue is, as you well know, the portability of the VCL. I
understand most of the standard VCL and database will be here. Interfaces
also will be available, even if COM will not. I also understand the VCL
will be available for both KDE and GNOME, although I don't know when both
will be available. 

One of my major concerns is the RTTI capability : I really use it very
often, and it may not be complete (due in particular to Unix object files
limited capabilities).

I don't think kylix will be as extensive as Delphi, yet.

The planned fusion between Inprise and Corel should increase the commitment
to kylix, I have been told.

Thierry Coq

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