[lazarus] TBitmap transparency

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Mar 21 16:36:45 EST 2000

looking at the CreatePixmapIndirect the function gdk_pixmap_colormap_create... takes a mask as one of it's parameters.  I would say that we put it there.


>>> weus at quicknet.nl 03/21/00 03:22PM >>>
At 14:31 21-03-2000 -0600, Shane Miller wrote:
>When creating a pixmap you send it the address of a tbtimap where it can 
>put the transparency mask.  Currently we send nil but then we can't use 
>Can we put this in the PgdiObject as a GDIBitMapMaskObject?  That way I 
>think I can use it in the TBitbtn's.  Otherwise when the mouse moves over 
>the button and it changes color, you can see the border of the glyph.
>Marc, your thoughts?

Not sure about GDIBitMapMaskObject.  How do you want to select the mask. I 
don't see it as a part of GDI.
Looking at the functionality it's more like an Icon. CreateIconIndirect for 
instance requires a bitmap and a mask.
I think this more what you want. I'll look after that tonight


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