[lazarus] CVS Updated

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Tue Mar 21 17:08:12 EST 2000

At 13:49 21-03-2000 -0600, Shane Miller wrote:
>I added code for TBitBtn.  To look at it, compile lazarus and run it.  A 
>OK button appears.  Simply select Project BUILD and PROJECT RUN to switch 
>between propertys of the button.  Run changes the type of button it is and 
>BUILD changes the layout.

After PROJECT-->RUN , and pressing the button it ends in a segmentation fault.

BTW I understand your transparent drawing, but loading a transparent pixmap 
won't help here :-(
You can check this by changing '.       c #D5D6D5', into '.     c None', in 
the defaultbitbtnimages.inc.


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