[lazarus] Compiler Options

Curtis White cwhite at aracnet.com
Tue Mar 21 23:28:23 EST 2000

Michal Bukovjan wrote:

> For the storage of Lazarus options, I would recommend using something like
> ~/lazarus/.compileroptions.xml instead. This is the preferred Unix way. For
> the application executable EXEname, Application.EXEName is used in Delphi,
> but I think it is not implemented right now. In the above directory, these
> would be user-specific options. The global defaults should go to
> /etc/lazarus/.compileroptions.xml

I agree with this, but then how do we do it on Windows?  I'm not sure exactly
how to handle this without putting in $IFDEF's to determine if we are in Linux
or Windows.  And I don't think we are using IFDEFs like that. So how do
I handle this?

> I think that these options/directories should be defined in the Makefile, as
> it is done this way in any other project I have worked in Unix. This would
> allow to define something else for Windows. (But I don't know enough about
> Makefiles, any idea?)

I agree that this would probably be the best way to handle this, but then how
would that info get into the program from the Makefile?  Is it defined as
environment variables that we can look up using FPC commands?  I'm just trying
to determine how to handle paths that will work in both Linux and Windows. As
soon as I can figure this out, I can probably finish the compiler options


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