[lazarus] Very interesting

Sebastian Günther sguenther at gmx.de
Thu Mar 23 13:24:07 EST 2000

"Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM)" wrote:
> Hi there,
> Whatever the actual deal behind it I would reackon that you guys have one
> more reason to continue with Lazarus.

and I will provide the necessary competition regarding the open source
alternatives, by continuing with KCL (of course...).

Apropos KCL: Currently I have a small problem called exams, but the next
version should be quite source compatible to VCL. At least it should be
possible to implement all those controls which are derived from
TGraphicsControl in a way so that they compile both under KCL and LCL. I
really think that it is nonsense to implement the high-level widgets
like TxxxGrid and so on twice, for KCL and for LCL.
I will be able to offer a more or less LCL compilable version of
TKCLSHEdit and T[Custom|Draw|String]Grid with the next KCL release.

- Sebastian

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