[lazarus] Very interesting

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Thu Mar 23 22:30:58 EST 2000

  Don't worry it can't happen, for some stuff using Wine is 
Viable, but for something like Delphi or C++Builder, it 
would run like a dog, to resource intensive, esp as runs on 
the flawed windows model, i.e basically a Windows exe 
being emulated, on Linux, some stuff (i.e. stuff where the 
human is the speed bottle neck) wine may look good, but 
an emulator must be slower. 

Just my 0.2c worth
Wine Is Not an Emulator ;p)
It provides native api's under linux..
And I have already had part of delphi 4 running under wine..

The reason Corel chose to use wine initially, was simply to expedite the
release of product. The next version will use winelib, which means it will
be compiled natively for linux, and use the wine library to support some of
the more wacky stuff in the windows api.

I can tell you first hand, because I use it every day, wine is not much
slower than windows, and the only reason it is slower, is because the
machine is doing a lot more in the background, and therefore the user
interface does not have top priority, like it does in windows..


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