[lazarus] CVS Changes (GetText)

Michal Bukovjan m_bukovjan at advis.cz
Fri Mar 24 06:29:49 EST 2000

Or. if you are using Makefiles, be sure to make cleanall before any build.
Otherwise, stale compiled units lie around which get linked in (i.e. some LCL
compiled ppu units appear in ./lazarus instead of /lazarus/lcl  . I tried to
look into the Makefiles and fix it, but was not successful (I don't know enough
about Makefiles).

The only workaround I always use is make cleanall in both lazarus and lcl dirs
and do a make lazarus then.

Michal Bukovjan

Marc Weustink wrote:

> + From: Shane Miller [mailto:smiller at lakefield.net]
> + I don't see the problem with it losing the TOP and Left coord's.
> Most of the times it works, after I cycled to a new compiler it didn't work.
> Compiled with an old compiler --> OK
> Compiled with the latest compiler --> OK (?)
> Applied changes from HJO --> with latest compiler --> NOK
> Make clean and compile again --> OK
> I hadn't the time to look at it, but at first sight there are 2
> possebilities.
> 1) we're dealing with an uninitialized variable which is most of
>    the time 0 and someties something else.
> 2) The new compiler delivers in some occasions crappy code
>    (the first time I compiled Lazarus, lazarus dumped on an unknown bitmap
> ???)
> I find option 1 the most likely, but until proven otherwise I suspect the
> compiler as well
> Marc
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